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Qingdao Shanhai Wire Rope Tech Co., Limited is an anti-corrosion rope and stainless steel fittings supplier in China. We thrive to provide the complete range of high-quality anti-corrosion rigging products which meet our clients’ most demanding requirement.

We have competent and qualified staff to manufacture high-class wire ropes and stainless steel products. All our products are subject to state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. We offer our variety of products according to the required standard, as well as customized design. If you are in search of the best, customized and reliable stainless steel fittings supplier; we are the safest bet for you.

Best Stainless steel fittings Supplier

Due to versatility and strength, steel is considered as the most popular raw material for rigging hard wares, hooks, shackles, turnbuckles, nuts and bolts. Stainless steel has the properties of high corrosion resistance, low maintenance required, and fancy appearance. Due to these properties, it is widely used in various industries, especially for harsh environment where items are exposed to salt water spray or other forms of moisture, and ornamental applications where strength, flexibility, and discriminating looking are simultaneously the requirement. The most popular grades of stainless steel are 304/304l, 316/316l, typical application fields are:

304: For home appliances, cabinets, steel pipes, water heaters, boilers, medical facilities, building materials, chemical industry, food industry, agriculture, ship parts, etc.
304L: Chemical, coal, and petrol industries.
316: For facilities used in seawater, production machines of chemicals, dyes, oxalic acids or fertilizers; food industry, or facilities near seawater.
316L: With special requirements of intergranular corrosion resistance in 316 applications.

Stainless steel is an iron-based alloy which has a chromium presence of about 10.5 per cent. The chromium provides a transparent layer of oxide. The oxide layer is the reason why stainless steels are corrosion resistance. The corrosion of various grades concerning stainless steel will vary with different environments. A suitable degree will depend upon the service environment. Trace amounts of a few elements can alter the corrosion resistance. In particular, chlorides can have an unfavorable effect on stainless steel’s corrosion resistance. High grades in nickel, molybdenum and chromium are favorable towards corrosion resistance. Stainless steel fittings supplier is ductile as well. Ductility is provided by elongation during the tensile test.

Synthetic ropes

Our factory is one of the earliest professional producers of synthetic ropes with experience of nearly a century. Together with the universities, the design institutes, by standing at the user’s position and keep on collecting feedback of their specific requirements, we have been committing ourselves to the design and research of the special ropes, improving the knowhow to provide the best solution and technical support to our customers. It has been the core that maintains our leading position in the special rope area.

Keys of Success

We seek to couple our domestic material advantage, mature technology, and advanced equipment to best suit our customers.

Flexible solutions.

Competitive prices

Never compromising with the quality of the products.


We provide wire rope and fittings made of stainless steel according to AISI, DIN, EN, and BS standard.

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  • Trailer/Tow Ropes

  • Water Rescue Ropes

    Water Rescue Ropes

    UHMwPE or PP provide excellent strength, high floating.
  • Sailboat Ropes2

    Sailboat Ropes

    Abrasive, flexible and durable, unique design for sailing control.
  • Yacthing Ropes2

    Yacthing Ropes

    High performance, light, easy to use Users’ favorite for speed and flexibility .
  • Mountaineering Ropes2

    Mountaineering Ropes

    Excellent ductility, absorb strong impact of momentary falling.
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