What are Different types of Turnbuckles? How Each Differs from the other

Turnbuckles are necessary to work with any tool that faces excess tension and stress while moving or lifting heavy objects. Turnbuckles are utilized for increasing or decreasing tension in steel wires, making minor adjustments to rigs which need specified strain calibration. If the center of gravity gets misconfigured, it can cause loads to loosen, swing or even fall. Therefore, turnbuckles are used for making on-the-fly changes for stabilizing the load and tune any lopsidedness that is present. That also shows the importance of a turnbuckles supplier.

Turnbuckles are offered in different designs to provide versatility when working with tension cables through modifying possible rigging setups.Primarily, there are six kinds of turnbuckles in total. The types include jaw-to-jaw, jaw and eye, hook and eye, hook-to-hook, jaw and hook and eye-to-eye turnbuckles.


Eye to eye turnbuckles features a teardrop fitting on every end of its frame. Turnbuckles’ eyes are annexed to the rigging chains. Also, there are other rigging attachments like slings connected to a shackle on the other side of the turnbuckle.

Eye to eye turnbuckles are designed through steel and advised for straight or in-line pulling platforms.

Jaw-to-jaw Turnbuckles

These turnbuckles have a jaw end which resembles a U-shape. The jaw to jaw turnbuckle can be used in several ways that include attaching a sling straight to the end or having a jaw fit over the lifting lug. Addition of pin to the shackle enhances the security therein. The extra pin cordons the sling into the clevis at the end of the turnbuckle’s pin, saving against the separation of the sling.

Jaw to Jaw turnbuckle is made up of hot-dipped galvanized steel.

Jaw to Eye

This type of turnbuckle features a jaw fixture on one end and an eye on the other end. The dual characteristics of turnbuckles give it extra flexibility and additional security as both accessories contain a safety pin. Since jaw to eye type has two varying ends, the turnbuckle needs a fixed lug or a point that can be difficult with a few rigging arrangements.

You should consider installing the turnbuckles onto a jaw end shackle the sling to the eye end to get optimal utilization.

Hook to Hook

Hook s on both ends is the feature of the hook to hook turnbuckle. Every rigging hardware supplier offers this type of turnbuckle for guy wire applications, as the hook designs are easy to install and tighten that allows for extra length in the rigging.

Wrap Up

Every turnbuckle type has its own benefits and drawbacks to every lifting situation. Every single scenario is different that requires different equipment to make sure maximum safety and security of the project. Whether you need jaw-to-jaw or eye-to-eye turnbuckle, make sure you buy industry approved and quality materials for your project.

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