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Qingdao Shanghai Wire Rope Tech Co., Limited is a sought- and after leading turnbuckles supplier, located in Qingdao, China. We offer products related to steel, including steel wire rope and stainless steel wire fittings.

We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility along with dedicated staff who is qualified as well as experienced. Our production plant and human resource endure that not a single item is substandard or below our quality standards.

As a professional turnbuckles supplier, we offer turnbuckles that are utilized in various applications such as stainless steel material as well as galvanized carbon steel. Turnbuckles are believed as the most popular items in the rigging industry, which are used to take up slack and apply tension to a rigging assembly. As one type of rigging hard wares, we produce turnbuckles in all varieties.

Typically, turnbuckles that are widely used can be categorized into six styles according to the type of the two ends, which are jaw and jaw, jaw and eye, jaw and hook, eye and eye, hook and hook and eye and a hook. We also produce turnbuckles with particular toggle end. We manufacture stainless turnbuckles, both forged and welded.

Best Turnbuckles Supplier and Manufacturer

When selecting turnbuckles, the key parameters to be considered apart from choosing a reputed turnbuckles supplier are thread diameter, take up the length, type of end fittings, and workload.

The take-up length refers to the total length that the end fittings can be screwed in and out of the body of the turnbuckles. The thread of the two end fittings of the turnbuckles are opposite. One end is left hand threaded, and the other end is right hand threaded. This ensures that only the turnbuckle body twists when tensioning, and the other components of the assembly and the wires are not twisted.

The workload of the selected size of turnbuckles must exceed the working load limit of the rest of the rigging assembly, or it meets your loading requirements. As a customer-oriented turnbuckles supplier, we discuss with our clients regarding their loading requirements.

Thread diameter

Thread diameter refers to the diameter of the threaded end fittings. The larger the thread diameters, the higher the load-carrying capacity.

Eye end fittings are the most cost-effective among all the types. It is used with other components that can be opened and connect into the eye, such as a shackle or a quick link.

Jaw end fittings are usually used to connect to other components that cannot be opened, such as an eyebolt or swaged sling eye.

Hook end fittings are usually used for temporary connections that are easily attached and detached in static tension situations. Every turnbuckles supplier offers hook end fittings.

Toggle Jaw is a distinctive style which is very useful when the turnbuckle must serve in a direction that isn’t allowed by the other component used in the application.

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