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Qingdao Shanghai Wire Rope Tech Co., Limited is one of the turnbuckles supplier, located in Qingdao. Qingdao is the 4th biggest Chinese Seaport. We offer products related to steel, including steel wire rope and stainless steel wire fittings.

We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility along with dedicated staff who is qualified as well as experienced. Our production plant and human resource endure that not a single item is substandard or below our quality standards.

We offer turnbuckles supplier that can be utilized in various applications. Turnbuckles are believed as the most popular items in the rigging industry. We produce turnbuckles for the implementation of tension. Apart from rigging hard ware, we produce turnbuckles in five typical styles used in industries. The five turnbuckles styles are jaw by jaw, jaw by eye, eye y eye, hook by hook and eye by a hook. Our turnbuckles consist of two end fittings with a body. The inside length of the body describes the length which end fittings can screw in and screw out.

Best Turnbuckles Supplier and Manufacturer in China

Our eye turnbuckles feature an enclosed and circular connector on one or either sides. The circular component is called as jaw and eye or hook and eye or eye and eye. The eye part of the buckle s designed through a shaft, having an eye outside and a threaded rod on the inner side. The turnbuckle’s eye shape is preferred for the devices whose anchor point is enabled.

Hook turnbuckles have a hook on both ends and are called as hook and eye, hook and jaw or hook and hook. The hook component consists of a shaft alongside an open hook and a threaded shaft. Hook turnbuckles are ideal for those where there is a quick and easy attachment.

All of our turnbuckles are appropriately secured to avert unscrewing for long-term installations or during the lift. If you are searching for an item to aid take up slack in your straight-pull, a turnbuckle is a solution for you. We are the turnbuckles supplier which provides customers to buy our products according to their customization. We offer a wide range of turnbuckles that will fit in your desired project.

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