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Rigging Hardware Supplier in China

Qingdao Shanghai Wire Rope Tech Co., Ltd is considered as the leading rigging hardware supplier in China. We are physically located at Qingdao, which is the 4th most crucial seaport of China. Our main products include stainless steel wire fittings and steel wire rope. Through our dedicated workforce and top-most customer care, we have an extensive database of clients all across China.

The products we offer include Shackles, eyebolts, nuts, swivel and hooks. Typically, the metal components we use in rigging hard ware are made either via casting or forging.

Casting is the process which shapes molten metal through spilling the liquefied metal into a mold. The mold generates the desired shape. Also, the mold can be compared with pouring water into an ice tray and letting it get freeze. As a result, the frozen square is formed.

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On the other hand, forging is used as the heated metal. However, the metal remains in the stable yet malleable state, unlike casting. Forging is the oldest process of making rigging hardware supplier. The method dates back to the days of blacksmithing. Forging is believed to be the oldest method regarding metalworking.

Casting is best for those companies which use intricate pieces or have a design which needs cavities. Casting can be utilized with a broad range of alloy options. On the flip side, forging is the method which is preferable for functions that demand uniform design and exceptional strength.

You can use our hooks to stop the slippage of materials and for lifting heavy objects. We offer rigging hooks in different forms together with turnbuckles. We assure that each kind is better and best suited for numerous material types and weights. Some common hook styles including sling hooks, rigging hooks, lifting hooks and hoist hooks.

Apart from hooks, our bolts serve as an anchor point for wires and cables. We offer different eyebolts including lag eye screws, straight eye bolts, shoulder eye bolts and U-bolts. Similarly, we offer different steel nuts, including hex nuts, dome nuts, wing nuts, and lifting eye nuts. So, if you are looking for the best rigging hardware supplier, we are the only one for you.

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